Brandon Jacobs Helmet

Brandon Jacobs helmet has turned into the main talking point of the Sunday Night NFL game week 2.
What was billed as the ‘Manning Bowl’ due to the opposing brothers as QBs on either side, but the actual game was a romp for the Colts. That’s why Brandon Jacobs’ helmet ended up as a main talking point, although to be honest it would have been a talking point in any game.

Jacobs took off on a run with the ball, not really getting anywhere, but it was not the play he was meant to try, and his coach wasted no time in telling Jacobs about it on the sideline.
Jacobs was not happy, partly at being chewed out, and partly at messing up in the first place.
He said he then attempted to throw his helmet at the bench, but it came out of his hand early.

As a result it sailed up into the crowd and landed amongst some Colts fans.

The media has jumped on the story, and it seems it may run a while, with some sort of punishment seeming inevitable for Jacobs.

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Monday, September 20th, 2010 Sport 246 Comments

Pope Benedict Visits Britain

Pope Benedict 16th visits Britian this week, the first State visit by a Pope since John Paul 2nd in 1982.
His diary is chock full of events as you may imagine, and religion is a big generator of passion, and yes, profit.

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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 News 320 Comments

US Open tennis – Plenty To Talk About!

The US Open Tennis finished yesterday with Rafa Nadal taking the mens title – this is just one of many stories from the event that you can use. Nadal became only the 7th man to win all 4 major titles, as he secures hsi place at the top table of tennis history.

Other stories from the event –
Kim Clijsters retaining her title.
Roger Federer making a between the legs cross court winner.
Victoria Azarenka collapsing on court.
Fighting between fans in the stand.

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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 Sport 291 Comments

Manchester United – 2 stories to use for profit!

This weekend Manchester United drew 3-3 in their Premier League match against Everton.
There were 2 stories that stood out for me as useful to generate traffic:

The first was that they have not lost a 2 goal advantage for 10 years before that game – 10 years!
Wow, that’s a long time, and shows the strength in depth that the club has sustained over that period.

The second story was that Wayne Rooney was dropped for the match. He is the centre of a huge publicity storm following revelations about his private life. As if that didn’t put strain in him enough, he started his playing career at his boyhood club of Everton, so the Everton fans give him a terrible time whenever he goes back.
Those reasons combined were enough for Sir Alex Ferguson to drop the player, who is still reeling from England doing so badly in the summer’s World Cup.

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The NFL Kicks Off – Big Profits For The Taking!

The NFL season kicks off this weekend – or to be more precise, it has already kicked off, with Superbowl Champions New Orleans beating the never-retiring Brett Favre and the Vikings.

I live in the UK, and unfortunately it will be a struggle to see much of it. Channel 5 here has shown a live game and highlights for many years, but not this year, it can’t afford the NFL charge.

That means that the fanbase for the game here will dwindle again, and yes, again the NFL will blow the chance to grow it further here.
Money, money, money!

Yes, with the all encompassing internet, there is nothing to stop me paying to watch it, but there are other calls on my wallet.

The new season is still a money making opportunity though, the same as it is every year.
I remember my first online adventures, making some good money selling NFL helmets and jerseys to fans.

That was via the good old affiliate model, which still works today. It can be even easier too these days, as generating that all important traffic has more options than it used to.

Will the NFL be discussed by people? You bet!
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Friday, September 10th, 2010 Sport 281 Comments

Burning The Koran?

A pastor in Florida has caused a lot of controversy by announcing a burning of many copies of the Koran on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.
His church only has around 50 members, but he has created a media storm.
It’s a silly publicity stunt, but silly does not do the man justice – idiot is a bit closer.

He says it will show the muslim world that the US will stand up to terror.
The Koran preaches a peaceful existence, as do most of the millions of Muslims around the world.

Not only will burning the Koran *not* stop extremists, it gives them fodder for recruitment.

Yes, the US constitution enshrines the right of expression, including those of this pastor, but the American ideal of religious freedom and tolerance is a much stronger factor in this story.

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Make Money Online From These October Articles!

As we ease into November, I decided to cast an eye over the October articles.
There were a lot of sporting subjects, no surprise there, as it’s an endless well of subject matter.

Some other subjects were John Cleese’s divorce, and the MPs expenses row in Britain.
Then there’s Michael Jackson’s This Is It film, and Marge Simpson posing for Playboy!

It’s not difficult to find things to write about, you can just turn on the tv or open the paper, and the topics will be clear – ones that will get people talking!

I’ve decided to post links to the articles as I go along, so you’ll see me making posts about the October articles.

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Make Money Online From Water Cooler Profits!

My name’s Gordon Bryan, and I set up this blog to focus on my ‘Water Cooler Profits’ system for making money online.

It isn’t actually that hard to make money online, but it can seem over complicated to people trying it for the first time.

That puts a lot of people off, which is a shame, because much like driving a car or riding a bike, it is something which needs to be learnt, is fairly simple technique, and once learnt will have you wondering how you ever had difficulties!

That’s what I try and get across to people, so hopefully this blog will help as it develops, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Health & Happiness,
Gordon Bryan

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