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The NFL Kicks Off – Big Profits For The Taking!

The NFL season kicks off this weekend – or to be more precise, it has already kicked off, with Superbowl Champions New Orleans beating the never-retiring Brett Favre and the Vikings.

I live in the UK, and unfortunately it will be a struggle to see much of it. Channel 5 here has shown a live game and highlights for many years, but not this year, it can’t afford the NFL charge.

That means that the fanbase for the game here will dwindle again, and yes, again the NFL will blow the chance to grow it further here.
Money, money, money!

Yes, with the all encompassing internet, there is nothing to stop me paying to watch it, but there are other calls on my wallet.

The new season is still a money making opportunity though, the same as it is every year.
I remember my first online adventures, making some good money selling NFL helmets and jerseys to fans.

That was via the good old affiliate model, which still works today. It can be even easier too these days, as generating that all important traffic has more options than it used to.

Will the NFL be discussed by people? You bet!
This makes it a great area to use with my Water Cooler Profits method.
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Friday, September 10th, 2010 Sport 281 Comments