Manchester United – 2 stories to use for profit!

This weekend Manchester United drew 3-3 in their Premier League match against Everton.
There were 2 stories that stood out for me as useful to generate traffic:

The first was that they have not lost a 2 goal advantage for 10 years before that game – 10 years!
Wow, that’s a long time, and shows the strength in depth that the club has sustained over that period.

The second story was that Wayne Rooney was dropped for the match. He is the centre of a huge publicity storm following revelations about his private life. As if that didn’t put strain in him enough, he started his playing career at his boyhood club of Everton, so the Everton fans give him a terrible time whenever he goes back.
Those reasons combined were enough for Sir Alex Ferguson to drop the player, who is still reeling from England doing so badly in the summer’s World Cup.

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Make Money Online From These October Articles!

As we ease into November, I decided to cast an eye over the October articles.
There were a lot of sporting subjects, no surprise there, as it’s an endless well of subject matter.

Some other subjects were John Cleese’s divorce, and the MPs expenses row in Britain.
Then there’s Michael Jackson’s This Is It film, and Marge Simpson posing for Playboy!

It’s not difficult to find things to write about, you can just turn on the tv or open the paper, and the topics will be clear – ones that will get people talking!

I’ve decided to post links to the articles as I go along, so you’ll see me making posts about the October articles.

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Make Money Online From Water Cooler Profits!

My name’s Gordon Bryan, and I set up this blog to focus on my ‘Water Cooler Profits’ system for making money online.

It isn’t actually that hard to make money online, but it can seem over complicated to people trying it for the first time.

That puts a lot of people off, which is a shame, because much like driving a car or riding a bike, it is something which needs to be learnt, is fairly simple technique, and once learnt will have you wondering how you ever had difficulties!

That’s what I try and get across to people, so hopefully this blog will help as it develops, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Health & Happiness,
Gordon Bryan

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